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We are a 501(c)3 organization committed to expanding educational opportunities in rural Maine to develop and honor community while stimulating the innate curiosity of students and teachers

Engage Students.  Involve Community.  Inspire Learning.  Build Aspirations.


Our educational process values the heritage of working communities by leading teachers and administrators to explore and design opportunities for students to engage in and learn through the real-life application of challenges and opportunities unique to a particular region. Rural Aspirations Design Specialists guide rural schools and communities to create replicable educational models with high academic and performance standards leading students toward a lifetime of learning. Through the design process, Educators explore real-world issues, investigate questions, and apply learning to create curricula that fosters creativity, self-motivation, work ethic, and innovation. Community members and organizations take an active role in the education of students through curriculum development, internship opportunities, mentorships and strong partnerships with schools.

Rural Aspirations Project In the News

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University of Maine recommends Rural Aspirations Project for Innovative Pathways in School

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