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Essential Questions

How do we bring community resources into a proficiency based classroom?


How do we use the strengths and heritage of our communities to engage students in becoming successful contributors?


How do we use proficiency based systems to individualize education?


How do we engage schools and communities in the revitalization of rural Maine?


How do we teach students to take ownership for their learning, creating individualized pathways toward success?

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel"   -Socrates




Expanding educational opportunities in rural Maine that develop and honor community while stimulating the innate curiosity of students and teachers.




Engage Students.  Involve Community.  Inspire Learning. 


Our educational process values the heritage of working communities by creating opportunities for students to engage in and learn through real-life application.  Rural Aspirations Project staff will guide rural schools and communities in the creation of replicable Multiple Pathways models with high academic and performance standards leading students toward a lifetime of learning.  Students will apply learning in the development of individualized projects focused around career themes aimed at fostering creativity, self-motivation, work ethic and innovation.  Community members and organizations will take an active role in the education of students through curriculum development, internship opportunities, mentorships and strong partnerships with the school.

What do we offer?

Multiple Pathways Development

Proficiency-Based Professional Development

Project-based Curriculum Development

Alternative Education Program Models


Inquiry-Based Gifted & Talented Program Design


Response to Intervention Strategies


Dropout Prevention Plans

Community Integration Strategies


Unite Communities - Build Aspirations

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