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North Haven Community School

Individualized Learning is a focus within North Haven High School program.  Similar to Islesboro, North Haven has adopted a process to support personalized learning. "At NHCS, students develop personal learning plans, intentionally selecting a blend of traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities continuing to develop curiosity, inquiry and critical thinking skills.  Students use personal learning plans to ignite their interests and passions and document their personal growth, leading to a post-secondary plan."  Rural Aspirations has guided this work with the HS team since 2019.  

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The k-12 faculty and staff at North Haven have been working on K-12 Curriculum Alignment for the past several years, and Rural Aspirations has supported that effort. Each grade-level team (Elementary and Secondary) has developed a vision for academic programming and are working on documenting curriculum for either grade-levels or content areas. This work will help to develop a cohesive curricular structure for the school that can be revised and adapted throughout the years, and ensures that students are developing the skills necessary for post-secondary success.

See a copy of their curriculum guide >>

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